About Us

About Us

“Agrovet Animal Health Austria is a manufacturer of feed additives with headquarters in Vienna,Austria. Agrovet has a network of distribution and aims to be the leading player in supplying high performance natural feed additives - enhancing health, growth and sustainability in the Live Stock industry in the world, we offer full technical support for our range of products by professionals for the respective industry”


Our mission is to supply feed additive with superior quality. As a participant in the feed to food chain, we take our responsibility very seriously to ensure a consistent product quality, safety and hygiene based on renewable raw material. We want to be your preferred supplier.

Customer support

A dedicated team and effective processes result in superior customer support covering all aspects of a successful business relationship. We see ourselves as your productivity partner providing you all advantage of a reputable GMP certified company.

Because of the size and operational efficiencies we can provide you quick turnaround on both small and large order at competitive price.

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    Hellwagstrasse 4-8, Stiege 1, Top 5 1200-Vienna, Austria