3A Choline

Choline chloride is an essential nutrient and an important component on the regulation of certain metabolic processed. As choline chloride is synthesized in the liver, it is naturally available. However, it is generally required in greater amounts than the body produces, particularly in times of stress. Choline chloride is an essential B-vitamin and dietary supplement.

3A Choline chloride is available in 50%, 60% or 70% and produced by the spraying and mixing of choline chloride liquid on selected 100% corn cob meal, following by drying for reduction in moisture content.

Product Indications:
1. Choline chloride is essential for building and maintaining cell structure.
2. Choline chloride plays an essential role in fat metabolism in the liver by preventing abnormal accumulation of fat (fatty livers) or by increasing the utilization of fatty acids. A study conducted by Rao et al (2001) showed the reduction of fat content in broiler livers after the addition of choline chloride to the diet.
3. Choline chloride is essential for the formation of acetylcholine, a substance that makes possible the transmission of nerve impulses.
4. Chloline chloride serves as source of methyl donor for methionine formation

Dietary choline chloride plays an essential role in the body and is required for optimal growth. Choline cannot be stored in the body so a continuous supply from the diet is necessary.

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