Taste success when you make the switch from messy liquid sweeteners to convenient dry sweeteners from 3A Molasses Powder, the original dry molasses product , is made from pure molasses converted to a free – flowing powder through a special drying process.

3A Molasses

Is used widely in variety breads and other baking applications as a convenient replacement for liquid molasses.

Why 3A Molasses Sweeteners?

Convenient dry from – liminates the need for pumps and other fluid handing equipment; Functional in both liquid and dry formulations.

Product features and benefits:

3A Molasses powder is simply dehydrated liquid molasses but in a convenient and easy to use powder form. It is exceptionally high in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium and aids in building muscles and supports the health of the heart.

Directions for use:

Can be used as a binder, energy source or nutrient booster in feed.

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